The other night, I caught a Tweet in my stream from Theresa at Rock On Mommies, asking if we still flirtwith our husbands.  That was the topic on her live webshow, Girl Chat.  I responded with an enthusiastic, “You bet!” I couldn’t join the show that night, because of scheduling conflicts, so I thought I’d write a post with my ideas.

How to Flirt With Your Husband

I’ve been married almost 14 years, and I can honestly say I am more in love with my husband today than on that snowy day in 1996 when we shared our first kiss… and tied the knot. Our marriage has not been without the rough spots, but I am blessed to have a committed, forgiving, loving husband who loves the Lord.

I hadn’t really thought too hard about it before, but Judd and I DO flirt!  Not all the time, sometimes the monotony of life takes over.  And sometimes the “flirting” takes on a different form when you’re married, as well.  If you’re looking for ways to spice things up in everyday life, here are a couple ideas.

1. Praise your husband in front of the kids.

Men crave respect from their wives more than anything.  So find something he does well, and tell… the kids!  Right in front of him! ” Kids, do you know what a great daddy you have? He really knows how to fix things doesn’t he?”  Trust me, you’ll see a twinkle in his eye! And your kids will be more secure knowing their parents love each other.

2. Praise him on Facebook.

Same principle applies here, but just remember he needs to look good to his peers.  “Thanks to my husband for finishing up my knitting project.”  may not be something he wants to go public with.  Just sayin’.

3. Text him.

My husband and I text almost every day.  Lots of times I have something I want to share with him, but I can’t really call him while he’s playing trumpets with 6th graders. (nor would I want to, honestly)  But if I text him, he can take it when he has a break. Sometimes I text a joke/funny story, ask him a question about his day, or just say I love him. Don’t mess with the racy photos… too dangerous that they’ll accidentally be seen or forwarded.

4.  Make his favorite dinner.

Remember when you were dating, and realized the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Yeah… that never expires.

5. Wear his favorite clothes.

No… not HIS clothes.  You know what I mean! You know those jeans he always compliments you on?  The top he suggests you wear on dates? Wear that outfit!

6. Learn his “Love Language” and speak his native tongue.

Is his Love Language touch? Give his back a rub real quick while passing him in the kitchen.  Quality time? Put the computer away for the night.  Acts of service? Wash his car! (and start a water fight while you’re at it)

7. Share an inside joke.

My husband is really funny, and we laugh a lot.  Every now and then, I take myself a little too seriously, and he reminds me to chill out with his humor.  He likes to find funny videos on YouTube, and share them with me, and those often

become the subjects of inside jokes between us.  If you ever hear us ask each other, “Can I ha yo number?” it’s because of this. ( Warning, they use the D-word and a few times and the A-word twice).  We actually re-enacted it on the way to the movies, and had so much fun on our date!

8. Write messages with dry-erase marker on the bathroom mirror. This idea came from my dear friend Jaime! Especially if your husband goes to sleep before you and gets up before, you too.  Ahem… I’m not talking about


9. Steal a moment in the pantry or closet! Just a little hug and smooch!  We started this occasionally a few year

s ago.  We run into the pantry for seriously about 1 minute, but the kids always shout, “Mommy and Daddy are in the Kissin’ Room!” My eldest and youngest say, “Eeeew,” and the middle child tries to peek.  It’s good for the kids to see that we love each other, and even a stolen minute can tell him that he is a priority in my life.

10.  _______________________________? What do you do to flirt with your husband?  Let us know in a comment!