I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day. Lynnae at From Under the Clutter wrote a post entitled, “Submission is Not a Four-Letter Word.” Lynnae shared a story about how she submitted to her husband (after a little struggling), and how God blessed her and provided for the desires she had in the first place. It really is a cool story.

Lynnae got me thinking about a time when Judd and I were newlyweds. We bought a little old fixer-upper house, which turned out to be the most ingenious financial move my husband has ever made. One of the drawbacks, however, was that it did not have a dishwasher. Another drawback was that was not in an area where cable was available. Neither could we get any stations on an antennae. Judd and I enjoyed not having cable for almost a year. We read every one of the Zion Chronicles and the Zion Covenant Series, and watched the entire North and South miniseries, as well as every episode of Roots. Blockbuster was getting rich, and we were running out of videos to watch.

So with Christmas coming, Judd’s extremely generous mom offered to get us a huge Christmas present. She asked if she should get a satellite dish with a year of service, or a dishwasher. Which dish-related item do you think I wanted?

Right…the dishwasher.

Can you guess which he chose?

Judd and I went around and around. He promised me that he would wash all the dishes from that day forward. (Which I knew would last about 2 weeks. He’s great, but anyone would have trouble upholding that promise!) I didn’t understand why he couldn’t put his entertainment needs aside so we could keep our house under control. He didn’t understand what was such a big deal about washing a few dishes.

Well, finally, God began putting thoughts about submission into my head. We were at an impass, and I needed to be the one who submitted to my husband out of love for him. So, I gave in. For those of you who know me, there’s miracle #1. I let go of the idea of acquiring the ever-elusive dish washer.

Well, a week later, a friend needed help moving into her new house, and we had a trailer for our Jeep. She said if we helped her move, she’d give us something in return. Her mom had just given her a new….. drumroll please….. dishwasher! She had a portable one that she was getting rid of.

Well wonders never cease! We ended up with a satellite dish, and a free dishwasher!

This story may not seem as poignant since both items were not really needs. They were wants, to make our lives more comfortable or enjoyable. And that’s what’s so great about it! You see, God is my ultimate provider, through my husband. He not only knows what we need, but what we desire. He cares enough about me to teach me a lesson on submission, even if it was through such trivial things. Now, on the major issues, I can look back at that experience and trust God.

God may not always work in the way I imagine, but He’s always there, wanting the best for me. I know in my heart I will never regret it when I honor my husband with Biblical submission. Now stay tuned for the next post when God tests me on that statement….