I’ve had a story of friendship that I’ve been wanting to share lately.  Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege to share moments with lots of friends. There are “seasons” of friendship when we walk very closely with a friend, and then there are times when the friendship lives on in our hearts until we see each other again.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had a spontaneous dinner with a couple who we were VERY close with in college and right after we got married.   We were there when their kids were born, they mentored me and helped me through a difficult time as a young Christian.  And yes, we’ve lost that closeness as we each went into different seasons of life.

But as we ate together that night, with their 16 year old daughter (whom I babysat for when she was a baby), their son, and our three girls, it was just like we were 10 years ago (only with more and bigger kids).

It was the same when my dear friend Morgan came to visit from California for several days! She even co-hosted my MomTV show that night about long distance friendships.

Jaime and I used to see each other every week, and now we maintain our friendship on the phone and online. We still see each other every month or two, but  I’d do anything for her after the past few years!

My family got to go hiking with one of my college roommates, Laci, and her family while I was at BlogHer Conference! They had SO much fun, and I wasn’t even there! It’s like a generational bond that forms between women, and passes down to the kids!

Parkway with friends

I have lots of friendships like this, and I treasure them so much.  But then, there are those that seem to stay with you throughout the years, just as strong as they were in the beginning.  My friendship with one of my other college roommates is like that. Marisa was my maid of honor in my wedding, I was a bridesmaid for her, we’ve seen a total of 7 babies born between us, lived as closes as 1.5 hours away, and as far as 7.

I don’t think I knew the depth of her friendship until having my first child in 2001. Up to this point, my husband and hers had become extremely close, too.  So we would share dinner together a minimum of 3 times a week… and a game of Canasta or Rook, in which the women would SCHOOL the men.

Anyway, this video tells the story of how she cared for me when I was sick with Pre-eclampsia, had my HipChick 6 weeks premature, and was stuck in the hospital for 12 days.

When someone does something that selfless for you, you remember it forever.  For me, it also makes me want to “pay it forward” when I have friends in need.  And it makes be stand in wonder at God’s plan for us. We need each other. We need Him, and He uses us to be His hands and feet in others’ time of need.

Special thanks to Johnson & Johnson Health, who set up this opportunity to tell our stories at the BlogHer Conference in New York! See more stories at the J&J Health Channel on YouTube

What’s YOUR story of caring? Share it in the comments below, or make your own video and link to it in the comments.