While riding to school today, my children were eating the breakfast of champions… Curves Granola Bars I got on sale yesterday! HipChick noticed the big banner across the package, and excitedly exclaimed, “Mom! These have 100 calories!” (She still gets a big kick out of actually being able to read things that had previously been a mystery to her) Then she said, “What’s a calorie?”

I had trouble thinking of how to explain it to her, other than, “The bane of my existence!” Anyhow, I ended up with a nice explanation about how we need energy to live, and calories give us energy, yada yada yada. In my mind, I was still thinking, “Calories are the enemy, avoid them at all costs!!”

My newly-five-year-old, Princess, the expert on all things, chimed in with, “Yes, HipChick, we need calories to give us energy.” Thanks for clarifying that, Princess!

The next thing HipChick said was amusing, and I couldn’t figure out why she thought of it. “Do four-leaf clovers have calories?”

“Well, everything has calories, so yes. But we don’t eat four-leaf-clovers.”

“Yes we do! … I ate one the other day. It was yummy! And my friend Todd ate a pine needle once… and Katie ate a piece of grass. How many calories are in those?”

I remember eating the wild onions that grew in our yard when I was a child, but I would never venture into the really unconventional meals, such as mudpies and the like. I’ve thought about harvesting all the dandelion greens out of my yard for a nice salad, but I’ve never actually done it.

Did you ever eat wild things when you were young? I’m really curious!