I’m just not the manicure-every-week kind of person. It’s expensive, and who has that kind of time? But I do like to have cool nails every now and then.

We know the drill, though. Unless you get the “good stuff” you’ll be peeling off chips in a day. Well, I have a secret to wearing cheap nail polish, and getting it to last.

I recently found a good brand at Walmart for $2 a bottle: Pure Ice. It comes in unconventional colors, plus traditional ones. It goes on smooth and even. But unless you use the secret, it won’t last.


My secret is to make sure you use a professional quality base coat and top coat. Get the best base and top, it will keep longer than the colored polish, so you can make it go further.

My favorite base coat is Rock Hard, which you can get at Sally Beauty Supply. My favorite top coat is a UV-hardening The Rock, by the same brand.

My self-manicure lasts about a week using the base, two thin coats of color, and top coat. Do you do your own nails? What works for you?

PS: this is my first post from the WordPress iPhone app. What do you think?