There are several things about which I’ve said, “I will never do that!” Then, there are those things I couldn’t even conceive of before I had my three little darlings. I hope you’re amused by them, as much as I am, and let me know if you can relate.

1. Check the time by what show is on TV. Example: “Oh, it must be 8:30, Little Einsteins is over.” or “It’s Blues Clues already? I’m late fixing lunch!”

2. Stand in a store with a screaming child because “I’m going to get this shopping done, darn it.” (or a similar expletive, which of course I never use!)

3. Buy cookies to keep said children quiet. (Call social services!)

4. Get out the “pack-and -play” so I can fit all the clean laundry that I have to fold. (inspired by my friend Amber) Those little laundry baskets just don’t cut it!

5. Pray for a bowel movement, just so I can have some peace and quiet.

OK… admit it…. you’ve done one or more of these things if you are a mom of more than one child!! Well, I’d better go actually fold some of the laundry currently occupying the pack-and-play… or maybe I’ll take a nap…