I’m not usually a belt-wearer.  I used to be… before I had my children. But these days I spend more energy drawing attention away from my waistline! When I heard about a special belt that was making it’s way throughout the country to raise funds for the Blood:Water Mission, I just HAD to participate!

My bloggy friend Amy Bennett, from Permission to Peruse and Dani, from Mother of Fashion started the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt last fall, after reading the book Radical, by David Platt. Each woman who wears this belt donates to Blood:Water Mission, and passes it to the next!

blood water belt Amanda Mandi sarah

Amanda, Mandi, and I were SO privileged to wear the belt at the Blissdom Conference last week in Nashville! We each took a day, carefully planned our outfits around THE belt, and enjoyed spreading the message as people commented on the belt! And I actually thought it looked really good on me! I may rethink my anti-belt philosophy! Watch our video below, sharing all about the origin of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt, and our experience at Blissdom!

If you would like to join the Sisterhood, or make a donation, go to www.BloodWaterBelt.org. Follow Blood:Water Belt on Facebook, Twitter

14 Thoughts to “I Wore the Blood:Water Belt!”

  1. Amy

    Sarah, you have no idea what post and video meant. I’m sitting here in tears at what God did with such a small amount of obedience. Thank you for participating and sharing.

    1. Amy, this was the highlight of the conference for me. And it was such an honor to be able to wear it. I hadn’t been prepared for what it would feel like wearing the belt and being connected to so many other women with a heart for Africa. Thank you.

  2. I love this video! I’m so glad that I got the chance to wear the Belt a while ago! What a great thing!

  3. Sarah–thank you for doing a video! It was indeed an honor to wear the belt–especially w/you and Mandi! Yay for the Sisterhood!

  4. Sarah, I am sitting here in tears as I watch the video! Thank you, thank you, thank you! God has taken such a small gift of obedience and multiplied it like crazy! I told Amanda it kind of felt like a little piece of me got to go with you guys to Blissdom. I feel so proud to be part of such an amazing sisterhood of women – and of course, you totally rocked the belt!

  5. LOVE this! Community. Sisterhood. Giving. <3

  6. From all of us here at Blood:Water Mission, thank you! We are so inspired by the Blood:Water Belt and so grateful for your support. Thanks for helping bring health and hope to our friends in Africa!

  7. SARAH!! I love this video (well not my parts, but you know how that goes). Thank you for taking the initiative to make a movie & grabbing us to be in it!! Love the end result!

  8. Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig

    Love this! My heart is so full watching this. Great job, ladies, and way to inspire the rest of us to step up!

  9. Amy

    What a great idea! I love it!

  10. I am totally loving this post & video from @RealLifeSarah about the @bloodwaterbelt … awesome!! http://tinyurl.com/4d2u5b7

  11. I seen this on Twitter the other day. It is very cool! What a great way to spread the word of a need and to allow people an opportunity to bless others. Great job!

  12. What a great cause and way to bring funds and attention to it.

  13. […] and Amy, and it was my first time meeting Amy in person!  She was one of the founders of the Blood:Water Belt project!  All in all, it was a GREAT night!  And it sure was an […]

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