I have a few things in common with Conan O’Brien.

  • First, he was born in a suburb of Boston. Coincidentally, I was born in Woburn, MA, just a stone’s Conan Obrienthrow from Boston.  Unfortunately, I only spent about a month of my life living near Boston, however, I still have family there now.
  • Also coincidentally (or not- maybe we’re soul mates?), Conan grew up in an Irish Catholic Family. Well, mine is half Irish Catholic (other half Italian Catholic).  And, I mean, that is significant, because there aren’t many Irish Catholic families in Massachusetts, right? {snort}
  • Thirdly, Conan was a huge influence on another young comedic genius, Jimmy Fallon. You probably won’t believe this, but I have hard proof!  Yes, I was also a comedic influence on Jimmy Fallon, early in life.  I mean, really early.  Like, Kindergarten.

Jimmy Fallon Kindergarten

This was also the year that the teacher said, “Do not bother me while I’m in reading groups.”

I took her at her word… and ended up peeing in my chair.  Oh, wait, that might have been first grade.

Anyway…back to me and Conan…

  • Conan and I BOTH have terrific hair! I mean, this goes without saying, right?
  • Something we do not have in common? Conan was Valedictorian of his High School class, then graduated from Harvard magna cum laude.  Yeah, I graduated with a 3.2 with a degree in Vocal Music Education.  That’s close, right?

I remember the time I first heard of Conan O’Brien. I wasn’t really a late late late comedy show watcher.  I was a huge fan of Saturday Night Live, in the good years.  But despite Conan’s show being on TV for several years, it was 2001, after my first daughter was born that I discovered him.

HipChick was premature, and had to be bottle fed. Now, if you are a mom, you know that bottle feeding in the middle of the night is not really the ideal activity for an already sleep-deprived new mom! I also suffered from Post Pardom Anxiety Disorder after her preemie birth, and feeding troubles.  Needless to say, 3 AM feedings were not the most relaxing of times!

Bleary eyed, at 3:00 AM, I decided to flip the channel to “Late Night With Conan O’Brien.” It must be better than reruns of Little House on the Prairie, anyway.  After weeks of not really cracking a smile, I found myself laughing out loud (ya know, LOLing?)- guffawing, even- at Conan’s antics! I actually began to look forward to waking up at 3 to feed the baby! I would DVR the show, just in case HipChick woke up at 4, and I missed it.  Of course, when she began sleeping through the night, my own sleep rose in priority over laughing at Conan. (I know!  Just where ARE my priotities, anyway?)

When my second daughter came, she had no breastfeeding problems, the anxiety was under control. However, I still had to wake up in the middle of the night to feed her.  (I was still in my “this child will not sleep in my bed” stage) Again, I looked forward to my late night date with Conan’s comedy!  I would show my husband the best bits the next day, and guffaw all over again. ( Third child actually slept with me- a mom’s gotta get some sleep!  Sorry Conan!)

My friends know that I really have a wacky sense of humor, even though I try to hide it sometimes.

Conan’s wacky dancing, Triumph the Insult dog, and the bit where he put someone else’s mouth on Arnold Swartzenegger (you have to see this one- I’m crying!) were a few of the highlights for me through out the baby-feeding years.

I really think Conan’s comedy might be just a little too wacky for the “earlier” crowd, but I will always be on Team Conan, no matter what.  Now, I’m afraid sleep gets the priority these days as well, my hard-core Conan watching days are behind me.  But whenever I see Conan (or Arnold Schwartzenegger for that matter), all I can think about are my sweet babies, cooing, looking me in the eyes with dependence, burping and pooing in their diapers-  OK, OK, I’ll stop!

But you get the point.  Conan has no idea he helped me through a really tough time in my life, but I will always have a special place in my heart for him, Triumph, and Arnold!

11 Thoughts to “My Special Bond With Conan O’Brien”

  1. Amy

    Love it! “They” say you forget those sleepless nights, but I remember the stumbling around clearly!!

    1. Oh, definitely! The sleepless nights are so worth it though!

  2. I also fell in love with Conan during wee-hour baby feedings! Love the kindergarten photo.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Sad Friday =-.

  3. That kindergarten picture is priceless. I’ve had a special place in my heart for Conan since college but his talk on cynicism last night sealed my love for him forever.

  4. Conan is the only TV show I have seen live – it was really fun. I also enjoyed him during the wee hours of having an infant. Enjoyed the post and learning things about you~ Thanks
    .-= Catherine B´s last blog ..This is not how it was supposed to go =-.

    1. Oh, I would love to see Conan live! Maybe I’ll get a chance wherever he goes next

  5. Look @ you … a Conan Twin!! How funny!! And that picture is great! But, really – it’s Jimmy?!?! How fun!
    .-= mandi @ it’s come to this´s last blog ..Blissfully blissdom links … part 3 =-.

    1. Yeah, it is him! If you look on his bio at Wikipedia, you can see the school listed. He was one of the few from that class I actually remembered. He was always really funny.

  6. Muthering Heights

    Hon, you have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better hair!! LOL!!!
    .-= Muthering Heights´s last blog ..The Fuel =-.

  7. That’s so funny! Do you remember any good Jimmy Fallon jokes from kindergarten?
    .-= Melissa @Cellulite Investigation´s last blog ..The Methods to Our Cellulite-Investigating Madness =-.

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