A few days ago, an upbeat young woman called while my husband was out at a school concert. She mentioned that she had talked to Judd about an exciting vacation opportunity (time share pitch) on a coastal island. He had been very interested, but it was during dinner, so he had asked her to call back. She went through the whole spiel, all the time assuring me that Judd had been all for it, and all I had to do was take care of the details.

I believed her, too. She was so convincing, and even dropped the price if I would sign up “right then.” When I mentioned that my husband and I do not spend large amounts of money without explicitly communicating first, she said, “What if I could give you a price that your husband would be sure to support?” I almost fell for it, it really was a great price. I asked her to call back later when he was home, and she stated that she would be off duty soon, and could only offer me the deal right then. NOTE: A sales person who wants to make a sale will deal with you whenever you want! And all kinds of red flags go up if a deal has a time limit.

In the end, I said no. I told her she could call back after I had talked with Judd, or there was no deal.

The interesting part happened when he got home. I mentioned that I had to turn down the vacation deal he had wanted. He looked puzzled and said, “What? I said we weren’t interested, and hung up on her when she quoted the price.” Phew! To think I almost believed her!

Another time, a salesman friend tried to pull this “divide and conquer” strategy. He had already been turned down by Judd, so he called me when he knew Judd would be at work. I was able to say a firm, “Sorry. We have a policy that we don’t make purchases without communicating first.” I had to say this about three times before he gave up. Later, when I shared it with him, I honestly saw smoke coming out of Judd’s ears!

Again, if I hadn’t pledged to communicate with my husband before making a purchase, I would have been toast against this experienced sales person.

God’s blessing of marriage extends beyond just companionship. One of those blessings is protection from financial predators!

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecc 4:12

We are definitely not perfect as far as finance goes, but this pledge of communication has served us well.

Do you have an instance where a marriage pledge protected you or your spouse?

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