Most men agree that they will rarely ask directions. If they’re not sure where to go next, they are at least sure that this road just has to get us there somehow. Don’t get me wrong. I admire this in a man. It was just this type of pioneer spirit that brought the settlers across the country long ago. They wouldn’t have gotten very far if they weren’t willing to keep plugging along in spite of the uncertainty, right?

In this area, my husband is not the typical male. “He likes to stop for directions?” you ask. Why, heavens no! Although sometimes we have to call his mom’s fiancé, who knows how to get to everyplace in the continental US, we always arrive safely to our destination… eventually …without stopping for directions. What makes my husband so unique is that he never goes the same way twice to anywhere. After 11 years of marriage, I still have no idea how to get to his mom’s house; or his aunt’s house, where we go at least once a year. I have no idea how to get home once we leave. Each time, he is enticed by the notion that there must be a quicker way.

I don’t think he begins the trip thinking he will find a quicker route, but he is so tempted by the adventure, when he spots an exit that might hold the Holy Grail of car travel. The latest adventure came on Christmas Eve, as we were going from Judd’s mom’s house to my mom’s house. Convinced that there was a more expedient route to the interstate, he brought us on a scenic tour through the downtown area of the city we were trying to leave. He expertly navigated through a maze of one-way streets, all the time, exclaiming, “I thought for sure this would be a faster way to the interstate!” I’ve been waiting 11 years for the day when he settles on THE best way, and I’ve decided that day will probably never come.

It’s really OK, though. There’s something refreshing about veering off the beaten path and going somewhere new, even if it is a mistake. Are we really so rushed that we can’t take a few minutes to explore our surroundings? Well, on the way to …let’s say, a wedding, wouldn’t be the best time to explore. (Not that we’ve ever done that.) But most of the time, we can just put on our “pioneer hats” for a while and enjoy the view!


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