You’ve spent years and thousands of dollars building your Facebook audience. You’ve integrated the Facebook logo into every aspect of your business communications. You expected that your Facebook fans would provide a cash cow if you just followed that latest social media guru’s advice.

They said engagement was the key.

THE most important strategy on Facebook was to get engagement on your posts. The content? Didn’t matter that much as long as people liked, shared, and commented. If you had “engagement,” then your audience would keep seeing your posts and your audience would grow.

It worked.

People liked, commented, shared. They loved your inspirational quotes, they laughed at your cat photos, they filled in the blank. And they shared it with their cat-photo-loving friends.

So why can’t you get them to buy, donate or volunteer?

It’s not because Facebook is restricting your post reach. It’s not because Facebook is greedy and wants your advertising dollars. And even if you did target your fans with advertising, the ROI is low.

It’s not Facebook, it’s you.

Because you’ve built an audience who is more passionate about inspirational quotes and cat photos than your brand. True, you have a core that passionately supports you, but when you pad your audience with fluff, because you padded your content with fluff, that core will be drowned out by the masses.

facebook roi engagement

So what can you do about this problem? What ideas do you have for reshaping your Facebook audience?