I thank God that he has been giving me grace to roll with life just as it comes lately. Sometimes, if it all doesn’t happen like a Southern Living Magazine, I get really uptight. But I’ve been finding joy in the imperfections lately.

Last night, I was tempted to get annoyed when I came home, bringing guests, and the house was a wreck not quite as clean as I’d left it. Then, I checked on my girls, and discovered that my husband had given them a bath, and spent 45 minutes twisting their hair into little buns so it would be curly in the morning. Wow, what a dad. He knows what really matters!

Lately, conversations with my two year old have been like this:

It’s lunch time! “NO yunch!”
Would you like chicken? “NO ticken!”
Yogurt? “NO yoder”
OK, let’s try a choice. Chicken or yogurt? “NO ticken yoder”
Alright, well take your nap then. “NO map! Ticken! Yoder! Yunch!”
You want to eat lunch? “NO…. Uh huh!”
Do you have to start every sentence with the word, ‘no’? “No.”

Apparently, one rule of being two is that every sentence must start with the word, “no.” While with my first child, this would have driven me to the loony bin, I am now laughing hysterically.

Poor first-born.

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