There’s always a parent at each school. This parent is the one that elicits oohs and aahs from the teachers when they realize her child is in their class. She is always there to volunteer, and gives the best teacher gifts at Christmas and the end of the year.

While I am not this mom, I’m not the one they groan about either (I hope). OK, now I’m paranoid, someone tell me if they groan about me 😉

I try to do something creative, but not too out of the box each year for teacher gifts. At Christmas, I usually make them some kind of chocolate covered something-or-other.  My standard fall-back is a restaurant gift card.

But I usually try to be a little more thoughtful with gifts to the people I’ve trusted my children with all year.  This year, the budget was tight, and so was time, so I thought up these backyard barbecue kits.  You could probably add a few more things to these buckets, but I wanted to add some fun, colorful, useful (the operative word in gifts) items that would show them we’re thinking about them- all while staying under $5.

Teacher Gifts Barbecue Kit

Each Backyard Barbecue Kit contains:

  • Large snack/drink tub (Dollar Tree $1)
  • White tumbler, decorated by the kids (Dollar Tree $0.33)
  • (2) Brightly colored tumblers (Michaels $0.50)
  • Fun picnic plates (Michaels $1)
  • Lettered journal (Michaels $1) My 8yo insisted on these.  Could be used for the guest book, or fun memories?
  • Marinade or BBQ Sauce ($0.50 Harris Teeter on sale with coupon)
  • A few fun straws (Michaels ($0.16)

Total cost: $4.49. I actually want to add a bag of chips, which will probably get snacked upon right after school. So that might put the cost slightly over $5.  But all in all, I think the teachers will know how much we value them, and have some cute stuff to use at their next cookout.  That’s what it’s all about, right?

What do you do for teacher gifts?

UPDATE: We brought these in for the teachers today and their eyes lit up so big!  It felt really great to make them happy after they’ve cared for my kids all year.