We are in full prep mode for my daughter’s 10th birthday party. Being in January, it is almost ALWAYS postponed, due to snowy weather! This year is no exception, but it looks like it will actually happen on the second try this year!

I always like to look for creative ways to do party favor bags, affectionately referred to as “goody bags” by the kids. At 10 years old, HipChick is growing out of those plastic character ones. (I try not to use those anyway) So here is a cute, inexpensive party favor bag idea! These bright colors and ribbons are perfect for the preteen crowd.

To put together these bags, simply buy a pack of solid colored paper gift bags. I’ve seen these from $1.50 to $2.50 for a pack of 15. Also get some thin ribbon.  Mine was $1.00, from Michaels.

Party FAvor Bags

How to Tie Pretty Ribbon on the Top of Your Gift Bag

Step 1: Cut the ribbon in lengths of about 5 inches. Trim the ends to form a pretty “forked” edge.  Fold the ribbon in half, lengthwise, and cut at a diagonal.  The side with the edges should be longer than the fold.

Cut ribbon with nice edge

Step 2: Punch two holes through the top of each bag, about 1/2 inch apart.  Thread the ribbon through both holes on one side of the bag.

Party Favor Bags 2

Step 3: Turn the bag around, And thread the ribbon ends back through the holes, on the outside of the other ribbon. (uh… does that make sense? Just look at the picture…)

Party FAvor Bags 3

Step 4: Even out the ribbon ends in the front of the bag, so they are even and pretty!

Party FAvor Bags 4

And there you have it! I like to choose two bright colors, then mix and match the plates and napkins.  This year, brights are really in!

birthday place setting small

I purchased all the supplies for the bags at Michaels Craft Store!  And Maven of Savin’ just happens to have some great Michaels coupons! Click here to get the scoop on 20% off your entire order (today, Saturday January  15 ONLY) or 40% off one item all next week!

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